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Reorder Pro

Just what you need . . .

Reorder Pro is a tool to help you ensure that your restaurants have the small wares necessary to operate well. Reorder Pro software allows your restaurant managers to place orders from a digital catalog of the items used by your establishment. This order is then forwarded for approval to your operations administrator. Once approved, JERICO assembles your order for immediate delivery.

Once your company is enrolled in Reorder Pro, JERICO will maintain a dedicated inventory of the items used in your restaurant. These items may then be order in the quantities needed. For example, you are able to order 4 tongs instead of a case. This flexibility allows you to efficiently manage supply cost and use. Additionally, your administrator is able to review reports on supply use by restaurant unit, supply type or order dates.

Any of our customers with 3 restaurants or more are eligible to participate in Reorder Pro.

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