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How can JERICO help you with your kitchen equipment export order?

JERICO has been consolidating restaurant equipment and supply orders to the Caribbean, Central and South America for over 40 years. We take special care with each order. Our receiving team inspects each item in your equipment and supply package to ensure that it is damage free. Your commercial kitchen equipment and supplies are then assembled onto pallets for shipping. We spend extra time packing your order as efficiently as possible to save you shipping space resulting in lower shipping costs. Your sales person even has a program to help you estimate the weight and cubic feet of your shipment to allow you to obtain the most accurate quote from your freight forwarder. Your food service equipment and supply order may be picked up from our warehouse or we can deliver to your freight forwarder.

Why not just order from an Internet company and drop ship your order to a freight forwarder?

  1. When equipment is transported on trucks from the manufacturer it may be damaged during handling. The freight forwarder will not uncrate and inspect your equipment for damages. Therefore, your equipment could arrive with dents, scratches or other problems.
  2. A freight forwarder is not concerned with helping you save on your shipping costs. At JERICO, our warehouse crews are experts in packing orders to take up the minimum amount of cubic feet.
  3. We are a Miami-based company. Many of our employees are from Caribbean, Central and South American countries. They are familiar with the issues and challenges involved in the exporting process. Your sales person will be available to help you when you make your purchase and for many years after. We have been in business since 1961 and some of our sales people have been with us for over 20 years.